new recipe and name

a new recipe: valeninte cookies which turned out well

good old betty crocker, loved the almond extract in them, powdered sugar icing in baggies snipped in the corner to make it easy for the kids (and me) to decorate. all was well until micah squeezed his baggie tight and then “didn’t hear me” when three times i said not to bite it. oh well.

and a new name: because i had some “credits on my account” i could add a domain name to my blog…so now my blog is kind of cool though i’m not really sure what it means because you can still access it at the old address, but whatever. so i guess all you readers don’t do anything diffferent unless you want to type it in for fun.

11 thoughts on “new recipe and name

  1. Of course I can’t see the pics unless I wait a few hours for my computer to upload them, but I KNOW they are breathtaking. I love that you have your very own domain name!! I don’t know what it all means either, but it seems very cool.


  2. What I love is that you spelled “Valentine” incorrectly, which reminds us all that you are human, and not always as perfect as your blog…..

    good to be “shluntcy” together!

    <3 <3 <3


  3. Those cookies look so tasty
    I totally heart your new domain name…seems like I should say Congratulations or something???
    Happy Valentines Day to you


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