back on track

after a train wreck of a friday, the weekend smoothed a bit…at least that what it seems like as i look at pictures a few days later…again, the reason i take so many (!). i love, love, love the process of making valentines…the mass production, glitter covering everywhere, glue, making the smallest hearts possible, thinking of valentine ryhmes…oh joy. this year’s valentines:

“tea mine” by naomi

“you are dino-mite” by micah

“as much as i can stick on one heart and then give them all to sally-bally” by eliza. i love this one of her so carefully “reading” her writing…she absorbs so much going on around her…good and bad. the video is wonderful too…

thought i would add a translation:


that is it

we have a girl called named

saaaaaaallllllllleeeeeee baaaaaaaallllllllllleeeeee”

8 thoughts on “back on track

  1. Oh this is so cute!! I had to watch it four times. Nope, I’m not kidding. I love the way you could see her tongue when she said her “L”. I think I will watch it again when I get done typing this!!


  2. The serenity you claim in the midst of whatever is not always serene is hard work, I know. Still, I can’t think of anything more creative and more needed! Great shall be your reward!

    P.S. I just thought of George Costanza’s dad screaming: “Serenity now!” Not the most creative reach toward serenity, to say the least. :-)


  3. Oh yeah! The photos ā€” especially the video of Eliza ā€” are priceless. I bet we’ve watched the video ten times already. My tongue feels well exercised; I think it was moving along with Eliza’s as I watched her careful and deliberate vocalization. Cute, cute, cute.


  4. cute. cute. cute. All three of them. I especially love the video. And I have inspiration for next year. (It’s too late this year – seeing today is THE day and all.)

    How do you put a video on your blog, btw?


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