i finished this modest scarf for naomi today. i bought the yarn in lawrence and got so much done on the way home…with one friend driving and others encouraging, much could happen. in this scarf are promises and secrets, strength and vulnerability, honesty and humility, joy and color, knit together in the comfort of women…all for you, naomi, in this tender time of childhood.

but before the way home we feasted and mused and let cats out of bags and wandered to eat again and cooled off after the room got to 85 degrees and listened to the voices of those up later than us and woke up to sun…

sacred time. and i remain grateful.

12 thoughts on “finished

  1. Woo-hoo on the scarf! But since I am new here… (and I can’t figure out a way to read through your old posts) is Naomi your daughter? Sorry, I wanted to ask before, but I thought I could figure it out. I give.


  2. It is so heartwarming to know you all had the opportunity to take this trip together. May the memories of the time away bring you peace when life is feeling less than ideal.


  3. I am finally somewhere with fast internet so I can see all your beautiful photos. I LOVE the scarf. I think that qualifies you to be called a knitter. :)


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