happy birthday dear jonny

happy birthday to my little groundhog-day brother
who is no longer the little boy with smooth brown skin and sweaty ketchup hair, guitars made of anything and made-up words given clear definitons,

but what still remains from our whole life together: tender eyes, a sensitive spirit, passionate hospitality, intense love for those around him (and we are loving you too, tricia, on this day of celebrating…jon is who he is because of you), music from his own hands, and the ability to make me laugh more than anyone else can.

we love you, uncle jonny (“now that you is a gwoan-up,” says eliza).

12 thoughts on “happy birthday dear jonny

  1. Gasp!

    You know, sometimes I COMPLETELY forget that when Chris and I are sitting at home, singing that song your dad wrote, we’re singing about your brother.



  2. I wanna know what kind of lunch boxes you two had. Also, would love to see a gwoan-up pic of him! Also would love to know about this song mentioned in the above comment. Man..I sure do want to know a lot!


  3. What a cool big sister you are; so happy to be heading out to school with each other.

    Someday I’d like to see how he makes you laugh, that would be entertaining.


  4. Happy Birthday, indeed! I could stare at that photo for a loooong time. The sweet simplicity, the unique relationship between you… Oh and that belt, Kristin, I had one just like it!!


  5. Oh what a sweet “vintage” photo.
    Is that a Sesame Street lunch box? Do you remember it perpetually smelling like spilled milk or was that just mine?

    And HOLY COW….I just realized that I am on your blog roll- AAAHHH!!
    I am overcome with emotion!!!
    Seriously…Thank You.


  6. Well, my computer won’t show me the vintage photo of you 2 but I have a pretty good picture in my memory bank of what it might look like. I have some pretty funny memories of little Jonny and my little brother when we were kids. Happy Birthday, Jon!


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