snow and strawberries

snow ball

when i went out this afternoon to our yard
full of snow i was struck by the evidence
that no creature had walked through it…
i love the accountability of snow…the record of truth.
this likely points to my longing to control,
a longing for knowledge and security…
we can’t hide from the snow…
and it is so beautiful.

snowy tramp

no one on the trampoline today…no one on the swing today

snow swing

and someone just had to make her mark

where we've walked

then in for a bit of make believe…pretend snow

strawberries as though it is summer

using my new egg cups for something other than eggs…i knew i would…

6 thoughts on “snow and strawberries

  1. Love the egg cups, and what a great use. Your strawberries look much better than the ones I saw at the grocery store the other day (moldy!). We had snow two days ago and the children played outside until the snow turned to rain. Good times.


  2. oooooh – i too love the untouched calm and beauty of a snow filled yard
    i curse the meter man when he tromps through it
    rather than walking on the neatly shoveled walk
    tho to have a truly “untouched” yard is a rarity in our neck of the woods
    there are always tracks: deer, fox, squirrel, cat and sometimes even coyote (or some such bigger than fox animal)
    not to mention small boy feet! ;oP


  3. Hi!
    So you are enjoying snow and lots of it — Of course we know what it is like. I wish we could be close and tell you some very genuine “Snow Stories”. When we see each other, remind me to tell you these stories – or some of them. We are doing relativels well! Oma has been seeing doctors after our car accident … The chiropractician is helping her very much … I hope you are not getting a “LOT OF SNOW’ To all of you from both of us Peace, Love and courage.


  4. I, too, love the way you describe the untouched snow. Truthfully, mystery tracks in the snow kinda creep me out because I wonder where the creatures are hiding now. You can borrow my snowblower anytime.


  5. Hurray!! I have been meaning to check up and see if the egg cups arrived safely and if you liked them. And it seems like the answers are yes, and yes!
    They look darling with your strawberries! I have 6 others that I kept and I use them for most anything that will fit (or that I forcefully make to fit). My 3 year old loves to use them to play restaurant. They’re her hands-down favorite dishes! Enjoy! :-)


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