stealing love in a crafty-pay-it-forward

so a long time ago, i signed up for a crafty pay it forward
thinking i would FOR SURE be able to think of something to make
then i got nervous and shoved it out of mind…
i could make things covered in glitter or a kindermusik certificate
i could make cheese dip or any length of finger knitting you want
but when i tried to think of something to actually OFFER, i got nervous.

then this package arrived.

and i felt like i stole this crafty goodness
because i didn’t pay it forward.
but oh, thank you, katie.
you paid it forward.

a sweet, sweet pillow that found its home in our cozy corner

and oh, hello, eliza, would you like to run
out of your bath and get in the picture?

well, sure you do.

so i used the thrifted placemats that i love…such happy prints
reminding me of when i was six and could get lost in patterns

i sewed little pouches…and i humbly offer them to anyone

officially, the rule of a crafty-pay-it-forward is that you
put yourself out there to make something for three people
and then they make something for three and the goodness
keeps on going and going…

and really, if i can do it, you can do it.

8 thoughts on “stealing love in a crafty-pay-it-forward

  1. Seriously! You cut that fabric straight from my childhood quilt! Ohhhhhhh–how I miss it! I have to leave now and ask my mom where it is.


  2. I am glad you snapped a shot of the stitching. Otherwise how could I be so impressed that you cut all those little pieces and put them together in nice little bags?

    I totally relate to being crafty yet nervous. If it is for me or ada, no problem, but for someone else? I get scared.


  3. i hope that the imperfections of that little pillow remind you that your product will also be more about the thought than the outcome! i loved thinking of you the whole way through that pillow, and i know that you are just full of thoughtfulness for others. the sweet little bags are so dear, and the memories so worth your struggle! by the way, i’m still working on my other crafts — it takes awhile.


  4. So, funny. I’m also a bit frightened of these swaps or pay it forward type of things. Too much pressure, I think. Maybe someday…. but you know, I’m really not so crafty ;) I love Eliza in that picture. Of course she does.


  5. This is a really neat idea..the pay if forward, craft it forward. You should fill me in on how this works. I think it would be fun to start something like this. :)

    You are so crafty despite you nervousness about it.


  6. Well, since you have welcomed me to your “lunchtable” I will feel free to comment and say that I completely agree with the nervousness that is felt after signing yourself up for a crafty swap. I committed the worst swap sin ever in November when I chickened out and never contacted my swap partner once receiving her email address. Since then, I now have one successful swap under my belt and I have kind of gotten over it, realizing the intention behind the crafty item far outways the fabulousness of the end result!

    I heart your sweet little vintage pouches and I officially want to join your crafty pay-it-forward! So sign me up, what do I do?


  7. Okay. I love the 70’s fabric. I saw something really fun and totally 70’s at the thrift store yesterday and I almost bought it for you but didn’t at the last minute. I think I might go back and see if it’s still there next week. You MIGHT get a little surprise package in the mail. We’ll see…


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