sweetness arrives

there was a plea to go downtown to the bead shop
which landed us at the coffee shop first
punkin muffins and vanilla milk…coffee for me.

after a rough morning of bickering
(one of the most draining things i can experience)
and then having to show me they could handle themselves in public
we were ready to make the day sweeter

waiting…let’s gaze out the window and watch the cars
waiting…let’s make faces whether the camera is close or not

ah, sweetness arrives

due to attention span and the ability to self-monitor,
these used to be the times reserved for only naomi and me
but micah has grown into these times too…and loves it.

8 thoughts on “sweetness arrives

  1. makes me hungry….
    very sweet.
    it’s fun to see them evolve isn’t it? for so long i never thought past that baby stage…because we were always having babies. and now we can so many grown up things together when there are only a few of them.
    good job remembering to capture those moments.
    i realize i forget the bigger kids sometimes with the camera.


  2. I like the new look of the blog!! These kids keep growing, I think you need to put bricks on their heads to slow it down. Oh..forget that…I forgot, I tried it and it doesn’t work.


  3. TRACKS IN THE SNOW:— I used to tell a story of the influence of an example. The story is about a father who told his little [3 or 4 year-old] to stay home – he had an errand to do [like going to a bar to D-R-I-N-K]. Outside the snow lay thick on the lawn. The father took off — after a while he stopped and looked back -.-.-. WWOOWW!!!!!! His little son was trying to follow him step by step… The father turned around, picked up his son, having learned the power of the example he had set for his little boyand went home. Kristin, we love your blog. LOVE AND PEACE! Oma and Opa.


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