livin’ it

rich indeed.

we had signs to carry

investigating to do

songs to learn (thank you jen and abby!)

dreams to tell

messages to share

what a blur of memories we all hold

10 thoughts on “livin’ it

  1. Those have to be some of the sweetest photos I’ve ever seen. I LOVE them. The emotions they evoke are priceless. What a wonderful experience for all of you. You should be proud Mom!


  2. I am an elementary art teacher and many of my projects have to do with imagination and self-discovery (“what would you look like if you were 100 years old?” “What if you could fly? Where would you go?”)
    but looking at your blog has made me decide to do a lesson on MLK and his teachings. I especially want to emphasize his ideas about love and peace and the work it takes to get there. I feel like “I have a Dream” has become a soundbyte for him, and he was so much more than that.
    Also I do a lesson on William Wegman, the Weimereiner photographer, and your preschoolers might get a kick out of some kind of adaptation of this lesson.


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