i went alone from my house to an overnight retreat
and though we were only about 8 miles from home

it felt like a world away

with fire all night and flying hands in games,
middle school humor and ocean deep conversations,
candles too many to notice and basil infused orange lemon mimosas,
music from each woman and the moving of needles big and small,
snow covered land and the dear wide sky,

we retreated. dear sister friends, thank you.
see you in the morning.

8 thoughts on “retreat

  1. The mere thought of such activity makes my body limp, my breath slow, steady . . . easy. I am certain you and your sister friends count yourselves blessed. May you always remember it. Thanks for the “Namaste” moment!


  2. You put it so beautifully. I went on a retreat recently but I couldn’t put it into words to do it justice. So I said nothing. I felt I would spoil my memories if I even tried.


  3. Oh, I want to be there. Can we make time go back again, and have us already be friends, and me live nearby? What a wonderful time it looks to have been. Also, my cups runneth over. My egg cups that is. They want to runneth over and live with you! :-) Yes, I still have them and yes, I would love to send them to you. Just send your email address to me at popsiclesandlollipopsatgmaildotcom and I’ll send you an invoice-


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