feel sorry for me

this is what i begged of jen while we were on the phone…and she did.


jen taught me a new techinque of knitting
and i started a humble scarf, working on it
during my retreat away…then while on the phone
i hear from eliza, “for my god…for my god.”


half the scarf is no more. need i say it…load of mousies?

what did you call this, deb? frogging?

7 thoughts on “feel sorry for me

  1. oh, i feel your pain. i’ve had kids and dogs destroy my projects several times (and even josie-pup, who was teething and ate my needles). take a few deep breaths! i’m glad you’re knitting!!!


  2. I consider that the Zen of knitting, the beauty and imperminance. Comforting almost that it’s not written in Sharpie. At least, that’s what I keep telling myself.


  3. Ah, yes. Frogging…because you rip it, rip it, rip it. Sometimes we have to do that on purpose. At least then we get to make that choice. Keep going!!


  4. I do feel sorry for you. Take comfort in this: While you are unexpectedly facing an “undone” scarf, I have intentionally undone a completed wood working project because there was one small thing that really bugged me. I am now faced with the holy work of trying once more to tweak it just a little closer to perfection. We never quite get there, you know. Still, it’s an important effort.

    Love you dearly,



  5. I do feel sorry for you too. Each of my children have sabotaged knitting projects of mine. The first not so bad; she just picked up my skein while I was knitting and ran around the house a few times. Easy enough to roll the yarn back up. The second, not so good; my son cut the yarn between the skein and the sock I was knitting. Fixable, but unbelievable. I received their messages loud and clear regarding the time I spent knitting.


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