bedtime stories at the bookstore

after a stop at the petshop, a supper of noodles
and mama and daddy wanting coffee, we stopped
at a bookstore to read bedtime stories.

oh, eliza’s delight as she found her latest obsession

i realized that i HATE reading books that are based on tv shows
i find them tedious and annoying and wrong
i tried to lure her in with other pink books (that in itself is a stretch!) img_0682.jpg

seriously, right here she is gawking at the shelf of dear dora


but like candy in the check-out aisle,
dora, diego and a wealth of other princesses were at toddler-height

in a 3 non-dora:1 dora ratio, i released and read.
it is nice to practice my spanish
and at least it wasn’t some blond white princess
notice the book hiding under my leg…that one was not read

dear micah and naomi were there too…glad to be in their own book worlds
coming in to read the latest mo willems book knuffle bunny too…. ahhhhhh.

10 thoughts on “bedtime stories at the bookstore

  1. we try to avoid all things tv (toys, books, etc)
    i do my best to just act as if they don’t exist
    and then absolutely move on with such purposefulness
    (is that a word?) that they have no choice
    except to follow! is that bad?


  2. we don’t have a tv connection, and still the girls have picked Dora movies at the library, whenever possible. i never protest, because i’m relieved that we’ve avoided the disney princesses for 5 years. these days, greta insists that she is diego, and corrects anyone who slips and calls her greta! i do enjoy hearing spanish words coming out of their little mouths.


  3. What a great evening family activity. Coffee for the adults and a little story time for the little ones. Even a train table adds to the excitement for my lot.

    LOVE Knuffle Bunny! Makena got it as a birthday present and we read it EVERY night! ;)


  4. we have to dora books…but always find an excuse not to read them.
    “let’s read this one instead”
    “oh we’re out of time now”
    “i can’t find it…it was here…where did it go?”
    and why do they love those princesses so much?
    and don’t get me started on those Bratz dolls?!


  5. I love the thought of you guys spending an evening in a bookstore. Wonderful. If we didn’t know better, it almost sounds like “you have the time to do such things.” :-)

    The truth is, we all have the same number of hours. What we do and get done just depends on how we spend them.

    You spend them good!



  6. ugh . . . tv books! our bookstore is rife with them, too. I’m not against tv necessarily, but when they try to get a piece of children’s literature–a big chunk, actually– and use cheap tactics to distract my child from the books that are of true value, then I start to get a little IRRITATED! aghh!

    Ok, rant over. . . we love Knuffle Bunny, too! (And Knuffle Bunny TOO)


  7. Ah, Knuffle Bunny…:)
    It doesn’t matter where you live, Dora’s there.
    Except here she teaches you to speak English.
    Japanese & Spanish? Now that would be worth watching…Xxx


  8. He, he…So glad to read this and I know I am not the only mama hiding books from purchase at the book store. My boys are no longer allowed to go shoe shopping with me as I end up caving and buying shoes I really dont like with transformers, diego and spiderman all over them. Ugh!


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