random happiness

as i am sorting through photos, i find a few which make me happy…

one of the treats from a gas station on our trip…mmmmmm.

banana peels in fake snow in a fake tree.
load of mousies.

my new scarf from aimee…thank. you.

eliza’s first E…i forgot that kids who are her age can
sometimes do this…yup…she can make her E.

my lunch one day…wishing it looked like this every day.

jerry and sal…oh, his devotion and energy to this dog is paying off.

i’ve waited all year for this…whether it is true or not,
getting the words out has to mean something.

we are knee deep in this phase of life.
i’m glad we don’t have cable.

6 thoughts on “random happiness

  1. Oh honey, the smiles you gave me! Loads of Mousies (still one of my all time favorite kid sayings).

    The kid letters, wooly warm neck, doggie face and oh the preteen years… too good, all of it.


  2. Oh man, we are knee deep in HSM also. I feel your pain. And I too with my lunch looked like that salad more often. Instead, it looks like that banana peel.


  3. Oh my, I do believe I hear HSM2 (and 1 for that matter) in my sleep. Don’t tell my oldest, but I’m secretely happy that her brand new MP3 player is malfunctioning.


  4. Beautiful lunch salad! It shall, from here on out, be my sole culinary choice way more often than its recently been. I have resolved to become “less of a man!” :-)

    There’s nothing as humiliating as public scrutiny when defeated, so I thought I would confess publicly my resolve — it may just provide the added incentive needed.

    Big loser,



  5. Ahhh, yes… HSM. I am also glad that we don’t have cable. It’s bad enough that I can’t get that “Fabulous” song out of my head!!! It really must go.

    I was thinking recently that there are some pictures that I probably haven’t put on my blog that just make me very happy. Good idea.


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