cold village people

it snowed in the village yesterday afternoon

after significant discussion about the boundaries
of where it should and should not snow
and reminders to talk to each other like people
rather than the way we yell at the dog

micah and abby created a cozy snowy village
eliza snuck snow to put somewhere i haven’t found yet

and woe to the village,
that night there was a village-wide fire.

destruction of fences
and not enough snow to put out the flames.
it’s rough around here.

4 thoughts on “cold village people

  1. that’s hillarious!
    they will remember that….

    annie was so ticked off today that she had no school.
    i said “it’s still vacation”

    but she’s okay now…she said at bedtime “just 2 more days till my school mama” holding up 3 fingers. :)


  2. Time to put that village away for this year before any more natural disasters put it out of commission for next Christmas! :) The people of our village pass their condolences onto those in your village who lost their fences and homes to the fire!


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