tree tradition

we were invited to join in on a wonderful tradition (thank you, friends!)
of offering our trees on the first day of the new year

with trees slower to burn than we thought
and a run back for lighter fluid

with the gift of food and the sharing of mittens,

we had a picnic in the snow
just as my mom tells of (and we had hot dogs just like they did!)

3 thoughts on “tree tradition

  1. We’ve thought about burning our tree but now I’m reconsidering. That’s a hefty fire there. And we have no snow so I’m afraid we could create a rather substantial brush fire. Looks lovely in the snow though! ;)


  2. Looks like fun! There are a couple great pictures there, too. I love the hot dog on the fork. It does seem there is a lot to do with fires… and then the fire in the village. yikes! ;)


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