so long, flower

oh, a trip out the back door showed us that flower is no longer alive.  of course, now that the bunny is dead, i wish i would have given more attention to him.  he was as black as night (unless he was allowed to dig in the brown dirt) and as soft as velvet.  my stomach hurts wondering if i could have cared for him more and kept him alive…ooooooh.

it’s a warm day, so jerry and the big kids are making funeral arrangements before the snow comes again.

time to edit our “about” section again…we are no longer a family with rabbits.

so long, flower, you nubby, you.


3 thoughts on “so long, flower

  1. Oh my! These are sad passages, to be sure. I remember losing our parakeet, Becky. We came back from being out of town for a few days, and there she was — all still on the floor of our bird cage.

    As the Beatle George Harrison sang:

    All things must pass.
    All things must pass away…

    I guess that includes bunnies. :-(

    Love you much!



  2. I can only imagine all Flower soaked in, sitting by the back door, watching your family come and go each day (laughing, crying, running, jumping, talking, etc). What a privilege it can be to be part of a family.

    Rest well, little bunny.

    Sorry for your loss.



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