freedom and a glue gun

when the kids were given
glue guns
glue sticks

left over walnuts and glass gems
lavendar and magnets
ceramic tiles and the sparkly box

they came up with things
that i would not have thought of

micah’s alien “beeble heeble” head (for his teacher):

naomi’s angel babies:

i wasn’t even there
(and there were no serious glue gun injuries…ahhhh)
so cool and grounding for me

later i did glue eliza’s mix on a wooden circle
i never would have put lavendar and pine needles
with sparkly things and googly eyes…but it’s wonderful.

4 thoughts on “freedom and a glue gun

  1. Tell Miss E that ours is on our tree and we love it. The girls love to smell it as they walk by. Eliza’s photo is on Mia’s cabinet door in her room with all her other friend and family pics. She did a great job!


  2. I love all the glue strings! I just bought my very first glue gun. Yes, a crafter of 31 and never had a glue gun to call her own. After the lace and potpourri disasters of the 80’s, I swore them off. But now, I can see how handy they can be, especially in the hands of children. Perhaps we will have an unsupervised glue gun session next week.


  3. Love it all… walnut ornaments are one of the heritages of my childhood – mine look mostly like Eliza’s wooden circle and I hang them on the tree every year with love.


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