card making joy

off went some new years cards
(because i didn’t get them done in time for christmas)
and i didn’t get pictures of them all…
but each one was different which was fun for me
i used photos from our year and cut and glued and folded and wrote…

and this happened only because other things did not…hence:


no spinach lasagna or bread with fresh ground peanuts here today
no raw milk or organic veggie platter cut by hand not machine here today
no lentil bake or tofu noodle dish here today
(you know if i’m writing to you…and i love you and i admire you and aspire
to be more like you and i am so grateful when i can eat your goods)

we got white bread and sugary peanut butter

4 thoughts on “card making joy

  1. Oooooh, I love the cards! Thanks for taking the time. Also, when I don’t feel like cooking, I sometimes eat bread and peanut butter too! YUM!! Nothin’ wrong with that!


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