i had the joy of guiding the christmas program again. only with jerry’s help was it possible to give my focus and energy here…i spent time with the young ones of sharing our hopes…i couldn’t believe the environmental angle these children kept taking…quite touching and in-your-face…hopes that people would quit using so much gasoline, that people would let the chimpanzee population increase, that we would stop the global “warning” (i like that spin), that people shouldn’t use so much water, that people would be more grateful for what they have…man, in my face.

our program has been the same for a few years…simple and s.h.o.r.t….a ritual of songs sung by those watching and the children, after choosing their roles, walk in to create a live scene of christ’s birth…

only this year we were able to watch the babe grow…from newborn to infant to near toddler…ah, the joy of babies in church.


i will carry the image of light in the midst of darkness, the joy of children watching those younger than them, and adults standing around as a silent promise to wait with them.

our family had a Wise One, a Shepherd and an Angel
(also known as princess)

3 thoughts on “simple

  1. so is the wish for the chimpanzee population not to increase really chimps or humans?? Also I couldn’t help notice that baby Jesus performed a miracle and healed those piercings in his ears. Always nice to hear from the kids at church.


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