desperate finger knitting

i was desperate to do something
and complete something
i was so tired
the kids needed me
they would want to participate in whatever i chose
i wanted to be with them yet alone
i was cold
so i warmed up a cup of coffee
took a ball tumbleweed of yarn
and finger knit garland for our tree
i’ve not been a successful knitter
but i wanted to make something with my hands
alone…and actually finish
so i did the child’s work of finger knitting

i was calm and micah paused next to my chair
eliza peeked and saw me working, turned and went to her own
naomi called down that she would help me sometime
jerry came and sat on the couch and said,
wow, that looks relaxing………….and repetitive.


7 thoughts on “desperate finger knitting

  1. yes, this is what knitting does for me. it’s gotten to the point where my fingers feel restless if i don’t have a project going. maybe you should give knitting another try!


  2. You go girl! Knit in any way you can. Sometimes I get caught up in all the projects I want to make that I forget to just sit and enjoy the repetitiveness.


  3. Just to get something – anything – accomplished. Ahhhh. I can relate.

    I’m new to your site. A friend of Molly’s at Foothill Home Companion. I love those candles, too :)


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