goblins waiting for jesus

our corner table has
juniper berries
little gnomes (micah calls goblins)
a mirror lake for skating
tiny wicker baskets
glow of a low light

at one point i told eliza
that we would put baby jesus there
when christmas came

so the only way she was okay
with the goblins being there
is for us to say:
oh yes, the goblins are waiting for jesus.

and now i am thinking
wow…have those words been spoken before?

8 thoughts on “goblins waiting for jesus

  1. Just today I’ve been putting the final touches on this year’s Christmas program for our church. One of the songs we will be singing is “While we are waiting, come.” It’s a simple and yet powerful song of yearning:

    While we are waiting come (x2)
    Jesus, our Lord Immanuel
    While we are waiting come

    With power and glory come (x2)
    Jesus, our Lord…

    Come, Savior, quickly come (x2)
    Jesus, our Lord…

    May Eliza, the goblins — and all of us — experience the coming of Christ even while we are yet waiting. Come to think of it, that’s probably the only way it can ever happen. So keep waiting; and do so with great anticipation. While we are waiting, he will come!

    Love you!



  2. Tell us how the goblins came to be. Those little guys are SO sweet looking!!!!! Did you make them? Were they a gift? So very cute! That they are waiting for Jesus–along with us during this Advent season–is comforting!


  3. Through many centuries people were waiting for Jesus to be born … Many women were, no doubt, wondering whether they would be the one to give birth to Jesus…. Now we – many “wees” are waiting for Jesus to come again – WOW! will we still be here – I at 87? Little Eliza IRENE at 3?
    Keep on waiting – He will surely come!!!
    While you wait keep on doing the many fun things you are doing … We love you all so much. OMA / omi and OPA / opi.


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