comfort me with cookies

in the midst of 4th grade woes, a bunny dying, a broken water heater

we took some time to get cozy
and bake cookies from scratch
(because i forgot to buy pre-made dough)
i wish i would have remembered

the cookies didn’t turn out like usual
they were very hard once they cooled
oh well
it’s all about the decorating here anyway

and some of these cookies
were definitely too sweet to eat

just look at that frosting swirl down:

4 thoughts on “comfort me with cookies

  1. beautiful!! and so therapeutic! i need to hear more about 4th graade woes when you have the chance – we have many of our own and i’d like to compare with someone i know is sane!! (at least my kind of sane!) enjoy those crunchy cookies – even if it’s only with your eyes!


  2. Creative sugar therapy always works!
    In our house this week, somthing similar: the loss of a canine family friend out at the farm, healed, at least in part, by a euology in the living room and the baking (and eating) of cinnamon rolls.


  3. There is something about baking that is comforting. I’m getting ready to make an apple pie (just because I didn’t buy a pre-made one!). Ah…Saturday night comforts.


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