random things


not long ago, i would not have known what it meant to be “tagged”…oh, how times have changed…and i have been tagged…by these two gals…ones with hope-filled perspectives in the midst of this mamahood. so 8 random things about me…

• i wear black nearly every day…if i am not wearing a black top and black shoes, i feel incomplete…go figure.

• i love rainbows…the order, the color, the completeness of those colors lined up together. rainbow clothes (if i can wear a black shirt with it), rainbow tape, a rainbow of dishes, a rainbow of paper…

• i instinctively don’t like listening to music alone…i think it will make me feel lonelier…but when i do put on some tunes…trio or the beatles, peter paul and mary or nanci, i am in a holy space…so happy and full…

• i’ve had the same job for 14 years…and i’m only 34. wow. grateful i am.

• i love the smell of diesel fuel…i am transported to honduras or ohare airport…to moments of anticipation…to crowds of people who are all doing their work of getting from one place to another.

• i love tv…network tv…i like watching with the mandated break commercials give…running upstairs to get snacks or tea…ahhhh.

• signs intrigue me…the shape of the letters, the colors used…i think it’s the urban side of me…

• 60 degrees and drizzly is my favorite weather…i feel like the world has no expectation of me…i can frolick outside if i want, i can cozy up in…it’s a balance i love.

• i almost NEVER return library books or rented videos on time. i walk to the counter and say: i’m here to pay your electric bill.

• i love fried goods.

wow, that was random…and cleansing…thank you.

and i’m sure my social worker peeps would have a blast with these.

6 thoughts on “random things

  1. i sometimes struggle with these things myself, but i sure love reading other people’s tags! it’s fun to read what you chose to write — i have to say, i knew most of them, but there were a couple that were new to me, and it’s fun to learn something new about an old friend.


  2. I work at a library and appreciate all of the overdue fines that allow us to buy new books, video’s, and cd’s for our patrons, update old equipment, and help to keep the library going strong. Lexington Public Library is well funded, but every bit helps. And I am SURE the Newton Public Library appreciates your financial support!


  3. I’m intrigued by “why” you love, do, and are. I’m particularly delighted in reading your musings about the “smell of diesel fuel.” When I smell it I’m a little boy in the back seat of a worn out ’51 VW bus stuck behind some Austrian truck lumbering up a mountain pass on which no passing is possible. I love that memory. Strange what brings old memories to the forefront.

    Here’s to sharing the love of the “smell of diesel.” Come to think of it, this is probably not very PC! Who cares!!! :-)

    Love you,



  4. Never noticed the black – and I’ve known you most of those 14 years. Weird! Remember, I’m the one who only wears solid colors. :-)


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