flying time

time is odd
no matter how we spend it
it flies by
micah and i had a blast in a
jumping-from-cut-tree-to-trampoline photo shoot…

in my days away from this blog land,
i have not wondered what to do with my time
but i have missed the reflection this time of
plucking keys and seeing pictures full size brings me
it is definitely a dance i will learn the steps to

and maybe my body knew more than my head
i am feeling pain in my throat that reminds me of
naomi’s complaints when she had strep throat
pain that causes me to remind myself that
children have passed through me
so surely i can handle this.
bring on the antibiotics.

i think i may stay home from work tomorrow…we’ll see

6 thoughts on “flying time

  1. Great to see you back. The flying looks like a blast…but the sore throat doesn’t! We had it here too and are just on the tail end of it all. Good Luck and bring on the tea with honey!


  2. Oh strep… a recent sickness for my littlest, and the memories of my only misfortune, last year, about this time. I don’t envy you the pain and sickness, but I do wish you a very speedy recovery. Good to see your posts, as always.


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