one thing at a time

one thing at a time.
this is not a new concept
it is one that i would claim to live by
but i want to more wholly than i am

i’ve been in this blog world for nearly a year and i would say it has been a wonderful outlet, a therapeutic end to a day, and mostly a soul gripping collection of memories. many of you know my excitement to have these entries printed out as our family photo album/scrapbook…well, the book in honor of micah’s fifth year of life arrived…just photos this time…no text.

it is a wonderful collection, but not as great as i had hoped. the quality of pictures that i post on the blog aren’t as high quality as the original, which i can now tell in the book…the application i used is slow and quirky and not ideal…as i stumble through making another book i find myself wondering why i am doing it and then if i am not going to publish these blog entires in book form…why am i blogging at all????

well, yes…the wonderful, therapeutic element…the connection i get especially when you comment back and we share that little blog love…putting ourselves out there for you to see.

but this morning, a dear friend (thank you, wes) spoke on the notion of doing what is in front of us at the moment…one thing at a time…hmmmmmm…what would i do in the eve if i am not uploading and writing?

so i am going to cut back from nearly daily posting. i could do this casually, but i want to do it intentionally. i want to see what it feels like to blog less regularly…will i feel more free or will i miss it? and i felt like letting my peeps out there know.

oh, one thing at a time…
do what is in front of you right now…
dang, that means laundry
(thank god for the clothes we have),
wiping sticky jell-o off the floor
(thank god for enough money to buy more than the essentials),
emailing families and making a show and tell sign
(thank god for a job i love),
putting new sheets on the bed for the third time this week
(thank god for our children even though they pee in our bed).

11 thoughts on “one thing at a time

  1. I try so hard to be mindful and do what is in front of me, but many times I lose sight of it all. Thanks for the reminder…and the motivation!
    Hope you find that blogging is fun and worthwhile, whether it’s daily, weekly or whenever. You’ll find the balance. Good Luck.


  2. Thanks for sharing Kristin. I appreciate looking at your blog from time to time, when reading blogs is the “one thing in front of me”. I appreciate the honesty, creativity and art that you put in your blog. I wish you well as you experiment with blogging as the spirit leads!


  3. Kristin, for me your blog has been a portal into new worlds and a thing of beauty. Thanks for sharing yourself in this way, and blessings as you carry out your new intention.


  4. I was wondering, on Sunday, what was going to be cut out in your life. Glad it isn’t the Friday meeting time that we have. I know that there are other ways that I will find out what is going on with you. I just know you will miss it because it is a creative outlet afterall.


  5. I totally get this. Sometimes I feel like we are so bound to our various forms of communication technology that our actual lives (the living of them) seem less important than the pictures, blogs, e-mails, text messages, status updates, and so on. Good for you. I’ll miss the spiritual and life-giving inspiration I have come to receive from your frequent postings, but I will celebrate with you the knowledge that the focus is on that which is right before you.


  6. i’ll miss your frequent, inspiring posts. however, i admire your desire to be more present in what is immediately before you. sometimes i use blogging not only for my “down time” but for a reward. for example, if i get the laundry done, i gift myself the luxury of sitting down and exploring blogland. best wishes in striking a balance!


  7. i oh-so understand but will also miss the connection…i guess one can take the mindset that it will make those posts that you make that much more special…looking forward to the next!


  8. Now I will have to find something to do on the evenings you don’t blog. Bet you didn’t know you were my entertainment. ;-)


  9. I totally support your attempt to focus on the moment. I’ve been wondering where in the world you find the time to post so much. I thought maybe you had more hours in your day than I do. I’ve really enjoyed the windows to your world and will love them even if there are fewer.


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