reading rainbow

it was a treat to find reading rainbow on late one afternoon
oh, good old lavar…
i’ve had this deep longing for my kids to express
more. genuine. empathy.

in steps lavar
this reading rainbow was based on the story
of a family whose daddy is in prison
i watched my kids faces rise and fall with the children on tv
i waited to speak until micah with raised eyebrows looked my way
i nodded and teared with naomi when she cried afterwards

it was mild and well done
normalized yet made real the crap of it all
and reminded me that much of where we are
what we get to do with our days
who we are with
how we experience this life
is part of the great mystery

and, how sad it is that there are no more
new reading rainbows being made…shame, shame.

One thought on “reading rainbow

  1. I love Reading Rainbow too. Now I have that song in my head “reeeading rainnbow”. Know what else I wish were on tv? Schoolhouse Rock. What a good way to learn.


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