content with the content

it makes such a difference
when a child is excited about the content
of course, that is what all you un/home schooling folks are doing
but we send micah off and he rolls with what is given

thankfully, for the last while he has been given
the study of native americans
and tomorrow is their pow wow

oh, joy.

5 thoughts on “content with the content

  1. I love how words can enrich our experience of life. The mere use of words can increase our intrigue with what life offers. When I read “content with content” it struck me that one has to “contend with the content in order to be content.” Without engagement — without contending with the content — true contentment isn’t really possible.

    By the way: Chief Wahoo would be pleased with Micah’s pow wow! :-)

    My wish for you on this good day: CONTEND AND BE CONTENT! Oh, yeah!

    Love you!



  2. With all the wonderful responses, We feel ours are in danger to falling flat. If they do fall flat, we hope you are near so you can raise them up again. Seriously, we enjoy following you around. Have a wonderful Sunday – much laughter and loads of FUUUUNNNN!!!!


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