not chocolate

this is not a chocolate waffle
this is a waffle that was left in the waffle iron
all day
all day
i ran in to get something between errands
and it smelled hot, hot, hot in the house
there sat the waffle iron
trusty as can be
still working on making that waffle

oh my stomach sank to imagine
more than the crispy waffle

grateful and humbled again.

11 thoughts on “not chocolate

  1. Wow! Wow! Wow!

    So thankful for you and your family that the beautiful, transformative, and transforming place you call home is still there. We all know it is a place and only a place that is REplaceable. Still, so thankful your home was spared.


  2. DUUUUUUDE!!!!!! That’s scary!!! I can’t believe your house wasn’t full of smoke witht he fire alarm going off!!! Lucky you! :)


  3. glad nothing came of this, yikes!

    On a silly note, I once put the waffle iron away with a waffle inside it, and since we only make waffles about twice a year . . . that was fun when I found it.

    have a good weekend :)


  4. Oh dear!!! Where have I been??? How did this many posts go up without my seeing? I think something’s wrong with my Bloglines.

    Anyhow… I did this once, but actually unplugged it and put it up with the waffle in it. It took us a LONG time to figure out what that horrendous smell in the kitchen was.

    So glad that it was only the waffle that was charred, friend.

    So glad.


  5. I had a similar, freaky experience with a crock pot. Despite our best (or worst) efforts we somehow continue to remain safe. Thank goodness.


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