sweet micah henry

i am remembering 6 years ago i was
sliding in the tub for one more soak
before we went to the hospital
i wanted to stay home as long as possible
jen was cleaning the kitchen
made us noodle soup and peeled clemetines
the waves of labor eased in the heat
then the gentle pop came
my own water broke
and there was barely time
to make it to the hospital
oh, the rush
the thrill of birthing
after the pain of miscarriage
the learning it was…and is.

so today we honor this life
with candles

with song

with stickers

with feathers

with presents

with baby sisters glad to play in kindergarten

with candy delivered

with words

happy birthday, dear micah,
happy birthday to you

i am humbled and grounded
in this journey of mothering
my now six year old sweet boy

10 thoughts on “sweet micah henry

  1. happy birthday big boy!! it is hard for me to believe that it’s been that long…and that soon my own little one will be joining the “6” club! amazing – hope it was a glorious day!


  2. Happy birthday to your son! Oh, it is incredible to remember our birthing days, isn’t it? I was much like you in that I wanted to stay home as long as possible…. almost too long as well!


  3. I remember all the excitement surround his birth and hearing the story of you all racing down Main Street to the hospital. A wonderful birth story for a wonderful boy. Happy Birthday, Micah!


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