welcome fairies, goblins and mice

welcome little fairies and goblins…here is a home for you

a school during the week that is a church on sundays

a rock-lined pond that you can swim in or wash you clothes in

a “curvy thing” you can stand under

a flower bridge to walk over

welcome to your garden. love, naomi and micah

and if you are a mouse, says eliza, come here:

“i make my own gowden for the mice. they small too”

12 thoughts on “welcome fairies, goblins and mice

  1. My dear Naomi, Micah & Eliza,

    Just so you know, I came to visit your garden today — just in my mind, but I came. I LOVE the garden you built for the goblins and fairies. I would love to be one of those and just come and visit. I especially love the flower bridge!

    Keep dreaming and creating those wonderful spaces — in time and space, in mind, in spirit, etc.

    I love you,



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