…here they come

the “small party” seemed bigger when they all arrived
and bigger yet after sugar…but it was fun
refreshment ready, fire started, go!

micah is fascinated by native americans,
so i thought feathers in the cupcakes would be pleasant to him

as i put the first feather in, words came flooding back:
don’t touch that feather, you’ll get sick!
ooooooooo, wash your hands or you’ll get the bird flu
so i thought that eating a cupcake
with a feather in it for hours
might not be good…i stuck them in pieces of straws first

the north wind wasn’t too cold

and there were friends to help with cake smashing

present opening was a blur of paper and thank yous

fire to roast more green tomatoes..some kids hardly left the dancing gold

daddy’s work snake came for a visit

next was a treasure hunt on the driveway
and after the pumpkin smashing flopped,
i scurried around the house to find all the spare change i could
and threw that on the driveway
pennies are HARD to find on a stone drive

oh, but we know the greatest treasure of all:
this dear child who we remember through the years

10 thoughts on “…here they come

  1. My dear, dear Micah!

    It looks like you had an unbelievably wonderful day. I’m so happy for you. I would have loved to be with you for this amazing party. Oma and I are glad you had such a good time. I loved the picture of you holding the snake. And I LOVE the picture of all that icing on our face. HILARIOUS!!!

    Oma and I love you, Micah!

    See you soon!


  2. Micah, you hve been so special in our lives. From the day you were born as a tiny baby, we LOOOOOVED you. Now you are SIX and having so much fun. We would have liked to have been there… There is a special birthday card in the mail…Hope you get it in time. We will try to call you tomorrow. Have a wonderful FUN DAY.Love you so much OMI and OPI.


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