ready or not…

micah will have friends over in a couple of hours
for his 6th birthday celebration

on the agenda:
cupcake eating
fire building
pumpkin smashing
treasure hunting

our rain plan was lego building
but it is so beautiful here
i don’t think we’ll come in much

oh, and look who i found on the front porch
wanting to join the party:

4 thoughts on “ready or not…

  1. “…and the ladybugs came
    to the ladybug picnic.
    They tried jumpin’ rope
    but the rope it broke
    so they all sat around
    telling knock-knock jokes
    the ladybugs came
    to the ladybug picnic…”


  2. sounds like a lot of fun to me…especially the pumpkin smashing! i used to work at a children’s museum and we actually catapulted pumpkins and melons after Halloween. It was a ‘SMASH’ hit!


  3. A big day! Number 6 already, wow! This blog is such a beautiful tribute to your family. I’m enjoying reading it! I’m also completely inspired by your photography. We’re considering getting ourselves a digital camera this Christmas (I love my old film SLR, but I’m starting to think its time to enter the next phase.) Can you tell me what yours is? Do you love it? Feel free to leave a comment on my page, or if you’d prefer to email, my address is the first letter of my first name, then my husband’s last name @ the news station where I work (channel 3) . com. (Sorry, I fear putting anything like that on the internet, the spam will go crazy!) And sorry for the long message that isn’t really a comment. :)


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