how i craft

i am grateful for a space that is meant to get messy in
to explore, discover and create
and my soul grips with gratitude that i have done this work
with my own children next to me
(or running like wild ones everywhere else…
with me questioning my very choice to even do this gig…ahhhh)

nonetheless, i have realized again what totally energizes me…

a project this week was cracking nuts
then piling nut shells and pieces
drizzling on as much glue as we needed!

seriously, we used more than a bottle per person…
i’m saving those empty ones for another project!

and after a few days to dry, the beautiful result will be:

a solid pile of squirrel food. beautiful.

UPDATED:  so i have to add that these projects work so well because of people like ms. shannon, who is at home with hand cramping from being the glue fairy…drizzling glue over mounds in hopes that it would stick…she worked endlessly…pushing hair out of her eyes, hunched over after all the kids had left…oh, the joy of being with someone who is also having fun is tremendous.

6 thoughts on “how i craft

  1. hee hee. I’ve never been given such free reign to drizzle glue. It was a blast and you’re right- I probably enjoyed it more than all of the kids put together.


  2. okay, now I am worried…i should have put “squirrel food” in quotes…i didn’t think that the squirrels would actually eat it!!!!

    i will have to clarify with families…and now i am thinking i will probably have each child’s home infested with rodents and bugs.


    but boy, it was fun. and worth it, i think. it’s the process that counts, anyway, right?


  3. i can’t wait to see it! i was teling craig how cool the project was…he didn’t seem as thrilled. i said “NO! IT WAS COOL!…they had so many kinds of nuts and they could just sit there for an hour and smash if they wanted…i loved it!’ i just love the freedom to use their hands…make whatever they want…and try soemthing messy and that i would have never thought of! thanks. i’m writing this on YOUR computer. :)
    and my house already is infested with rodents…no worries.
    by the way…anyone interested in a pet mouse (or 5)? we have a few too many. they are pets…not living in the walls.


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