tied down

this morn we went on a wonderful field trip to the city airport…
14 children swarming a quiet and safe space that holds huge things
mr. doug was genuine and happy, sharing his plane
a gift to each child indeed

walking to the hangar, these caught my eye…

and i have had this image skipping through my mind all day

the wide expanse of black pavement
with brilliant bolts of yellow
common ropes swirled snake like

i wonder…what i am tied down to?
oh, the weight of that…the burden it can seem.
so, the question i like more:
what ties me down?

what is my rope?
my piece of metal secured in the ground?
and is there slack in the rope?
or is it pulled tight tho never to break?
am i always tied down?
only when it’s rough?
when i have a windy spirit?
how many ropes are waiting?
what if one is being used?

learning comes from asking questions, right?

4 thoughts on “tied down

  1. You are deep girl. You make me dig down deep into my bowels and reflect. You make me reflect and think about my own ropes. I have a lot that ties me down. Some good things..being supportive and such. Some not so good things..like my cell phone and computer. Thanks for giving me reason to reflect into my bowels. I usually stay away from there but tonight I think I will linger a while.


  2. I see this as a card image. What would be the word you add to it? What fun to bring that energy and reflecting to a runway strip, surrounded by 14 kids. One never knows where we will find images that initiate metamorphis, change, growth, and introspection to our “bowels.” It’s all good.


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