playing real life

oh, the dramatic play of a 2 year old…my sweet girl
“i pay weel life, mama.  weel life.”
we watch her imitating people in her world
knowing this, we must move gently

6 thoughts on “playing real life

  1. Oh my! How beautiful.
    It’s late. It’s night time by now. (11:30 p.m.)
    Mom is sleeping and I’m communing with you through your blog.
    You’re absolutely right: we must move gently.
    Here’s hoping with you for great success in managing a “gentle move.”
    I love you. Please squeeze the kiddies and Jerry from me.
    It’s only been a week since we were with you all and my arms are aching for the kids already. Much love, Dad!


  2. Oh she is precious!

    And yes, walking softly… I do so try. Good news is, my wee man has no problem bringing me back in line with a “Watch your tone, Mama!” should I take a heavy tread :-)


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