UPDATED: oh, so excited to link you to
the generous hosts of this event…hooray!

a celebration of what is right
of what is real
real in our imaginations and souls, anway…
in the midst of life that brings
the horror of sad news
the horror of loss
the horror (and gift?) of the great mystery,
we honored the night.

with costume
soup with kale
wine and cider
candles and photos
of one gone ahead,
the neighborhood gala began…
to walk as the sun set…
to cross streets
and count children…
to ring bells
and trust

i said to jen and aaron
that if 15 years ago i would have been told
that life would be this,
it would have seemed too good to be true.

so tonight it’s not about halloween,
but about friends to gather with
and friends to miss
leaves to crunch
a sky to watch
sweets to eat
and now
a night to sleep

13 thoughts on “halloween…

  1. Someone forgot to tell Jerry that his mantra for the evening as a hippy (or rasta-man) was supposed to be “don’t worry, be happy, mon!”. His body language isn’t spreading the love!!!! :)

    ….pictures of our halloween to be posted soon.


  2. Thank you for these great shots! I had a lovely time, and it was the first big gathering we have had at our house since we moved back in….what a milestone for me!

    Jen CD


  3. Love love love this post, sweet mama. And that photo of the sun through the ‘fro…. that’s good stuff! Glad your night was as wonder-full as it ought to have been :-)


  4. What a frightfully beautifyl halloween. We walked our neighborhood with a huge group of friends last night – more parents than children – and it was truly wonderful. Just like a holiday should be.


  5. Wow! What an event! Between your blog and Jen’s, I felt like I was there! (By the way, I haven’t seen Naomi since she was 3! She’s so grown up!)


  6. I’m trying to reply to your emails, but keep getting permanent failure notices. I can’t seem to find any number but the school’s and I’m afraid you won’t get that until Monday. I have two spots in my car for Tuesday and I can do sometime around 6:15 or 6:30 for pictures. Let me know if either of those will work. Thanks.


  7. that picture of ne and lyd-kid almost made me cry!! i thought it was just yesterday that i could hold them both in my arms at once!


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