i’m stretching a bit
getting ready for halloween
there is a light “saver” in the house
there is even a make-shift blaster
that i bought!

with thrift shop bag full of white clothes
a roll of masking tape
scissors and hot glue…
luke and leia are coming together

mostly i remain humbled
for all the times i said
i would never do this
never do that
that i would be able to
make my children
how i wanted
what i wanted
that i could determine
their interests

of course i have a role
i have incredible influence

but i’m in a bit of a
parenting experiment here
to see what happens
when i stretch
and meet them half way

6 thoughts on “stretched

  1. i’m proud…meeting them 1/2 way, allowing them their fantasy (even if it isn’t yours) is wonderful! oh if we could only trick or treat with you; in my house i have a clone trooper, a boba fett, an unidentified jedi knight (with a ‘vee veeder’, which can mean either “darth vader” or “light saber”) and the tiniest yoda you’ve ever seen! i will definitely need a pic once you have it all together!! keep on stretching!!


  2. Amen, Sister! I too am stretched and sometimes shocked but always grateful for the journey.

    Love your new blog look. Dramatic but friendly . . .your pictures are always amazing. On black, they really pop. Especially complementary to the Luke Skywalker pics! Evan is going to be a blue M&M . . .second hand store find. Wonderful that it is an adult size costume that he can completely hide inside of and yell, “Why am I trick or treating? I’m candy!!”


  3. I just love seeing the evidence of how brilliant and creative you are. Seriously, you have a way of making the most ordinary things look simply incredible! I hope this is a fantastic holiday for you. Chris was telling me the other day how excited he gets about Halloween–more so than Christmas!


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