yesterday afternoon with a warm sun and slight breeze, i felt like we were participating in life by going outside. our afternoon was determined by the weather. now, let’s also remember that being inside was NOT friendly…horrible interactions between the two oldest…the youngest watching with small smile and wide eyes…cataloging what she sees. so let’s give her something better to remember…outside we must go.

for micah, we built fire…for naomi, we found the old pot and gave free reign on the old tomato plants…for eliza, we put the dog harness on her so she could be sally…and oh joy, we had kate here to play. sometimes she would look at me we raised eyebrows at all that was happening.

i couldn’t help but remember the tee pee of my blogfriend, but without ikea or home depot nearby, i used scrap posts from the yard and our outside blanket. eliza was especially thrilled.

oh, good times.

9 thoughts on “participating

  1. Yes, you really can fry green tomatoes, I think sliced, breaded, and in butter, if I’m not mistaken… at least that’s the Kentucky way.

    I don’t think a day could be more perfect.


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