each time i walk to pick the kids up from school,
i notice the same things.
this week eliza and i have a sweet ritual
of bringing some birthday chocolates in the stroller…
walking with chocolate melting in my mouth is dreamy.
eliza gets her’s the moment her head is heavy in the sun
or under covers on a windy day…mama says it is not sleeping time yet.

the big kids are a blur of energy…backpack slapping…
walking shoulder to shoulder the way grown ups don’t…
poop jokes…stick breaking…shoes pounding the sidewalk…
i wander along with a goofy smile…

oh, the things we notice everytime…
the little creek bridge, the field where we see deer,
the grain elevator-a kansas mountain…
the train tracks where we must not linger…
the crossing guard who some believe is santa…
he grows that bushy beard in winter, you know…right, abby?
the trailers where people peek out of windows and we both learn to wave…
and the whirl of children and cars and bikes
as the building swells and empties with the school day.

and now it is friday with a five day weekend coming….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

3 thoughts on “walking

  1. Thank you for chronicling this walk that my children have every day. It is sooooooo good for their mental health! (And for ours…..)

    Jen CD


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