4 thoughts on “this is what i’m talkin’ about…

  1. What camera did you buy? Is it the same one we all got for Christmas a couple years ago??? (Which, in our case, is a camera of the past….it died awhile ago…..conflicts with water….don’t tell the mom) ;0) We replaced our with a refurbished (I forget this part of the retail world…an excellent way to purchase things) and got a Nikin coolpix 4600. Works great…has options…but I still long for the “big” digital camera some day.
    Glad you are back in business with a new camera. I like to watch my nieces and nephews grow….the dog, too!!! Someday, our dog cousins will meet.


  2. I too would love to know which camera you bought. I have been drooling over a camera out of my league, but if I could get results like yours I’d be thrilled (and my husband would be thrilled with the receipt).


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