fun…then frustration

well, i had about 20 minutes of fun and then frustration trying out a new camera…i bought it in town and it just doesn’t do what my old one did. so i will take it back and i decided to order the same one i lost…now the waiting for the mailbox to fill.

but it was a cool relief to have camera in hand…eliza had fun telling me what to take pictures of…when i told her i wanted to try taking some close up, she would get very close. my old camera could have handeled it, this one not. some of the shots captured what i wanted, though.
i remember when i was little…10? 12? mom and dad gave me a camera and i would capture all i could…my brother, mushrooms, horses in the forest preserve, men wearing skirts at the peace march, refugee babies, friends on bikes, posters of tommy howell on my bedroom wall…so thank you, mom and dad for planting the seed (and for the time and money surely spent on processing that hobby!) what kind of camera was it? a 110?

so, we wait.

7 thoughts on “fun…then frustration

  1. I think I see what you mean . . . . Your pictures usually have a certain level of depth, precision, and clarity–regardless of where the zoom function is set. These pictures (though beautiful in the detail they capture) are missing some of of that definition I have come to associate with your photography. I do, though, love the shots of Eliza gazing off in the distance. Calm, peaceful, serene!


  2. I know that it’s almost impossible to go through the day without a camera, especially if you are celebrating.
    The one good thing of it though is that we get to see an image or two of you. Which is nice. :)


  3. We recently gave my stepson, Riley, his very own camera. He’s 9 and has taken the ownership very seriously. He asks to take it places and we say it’s fine, as long as he realizes that it is his responsibility to keep track of it. He knows his weaknesses. It is left home where it is then filled with pictures of his little sister, the Wendy Dog, and the various Wii accesories that cover our living space.


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