it’s a village


here we are playing
with little abe
sweet babe waited for
picture from karin
since you know about my own camera woes…
and when i saw this picture,
i was flooded with gratitude…
timely for this canadian thanksgiving day.
if i had my camera i could have had images of
hot squash, jumping in late afternoon sun,
an oasis of a set table in the midst of an unbelievable flurry of stuff…
oh, oh, oh.

i treasure the moments i get to spend
with my friends’ kids
the ones who i have seen born (thank you!!!!)
the ones who i get to be preschool teacher to
the ones who i wave at
the ones who i draw on with body pencils
the ones who smile back at me
the ones who have tea with me
the ones who let me hold them
the ones who tell me about their days
the ones who show me tricks
the ones who are too little to do more than rest in my arms

and i can’t begin to express my joy…
my soul grabbing delight (!)
at those my own kids claim
those who my kids want to be with
those who hold them
and toss them in the air
and bring them treats
and feed them chips
and curly noodles
those who watch out for them
those who notice them
those who understand their chaos

it’s a village, alright.

3 thoughts on “it’s a village

  1. The time with your folks and Jon will always fondly be remembered … It was great! Your writings are always interesting and bring you right into our apartment!


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