well, i thank you all for your love and comments and encouraging smiles at my angst. i won’t go much longer without a camera…i will receive this as an opportunity to be so grateful for these extras in my life. as one friend told me, i will get another one and if the first camera shows up, i can give one away.

we were incredibly light in our hauling of stuff around and the car was incredibly tidy (unusual…and i miss the hope that clutter can bring that it must be here somewhere!), so i don’t think it is hiding in a bag or under the seat…i wonder if someone is enjoying the oodles of dancing pictures, the image of eliza really close up dowing a coke when she thought no one was looking, the images of me and micah with prairie harvest in the background…him trying to eat a huge ear of corn with 4 (!) missing front teeth…may that someone be hopeful…i really mean it.

and as i write, i am remembering those moments that were colorful and in motion…i am not feeling the exhaustion or the crankiness or the hands on me or the calls of now, now, now.

4 thoughts on “camera

  1. I love how you try to focus on the good you hope the new camera owner has in them. It seems so much clearer why you blog and what it means in your life now that you can’t illustrate it with your beautiful photos. You’ll enjoy a new one even more!


  2. oh man!! hopefully you didn’t catch my disappearing curse at the wedding!! :( i even looked in the weeds around the sandbox today for the bumbo thinking that maybe some small hands moved it one afternoon after babe was removed and i just couldn’t see it – no such luck! i continue to have hope that some of the missing items will return – and am actively campaigning for a camera replacement! hopefully soon i too will be able to capture those memories that are lost in the chaos of the moment and sooo fleeting in a too full mind!


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