instant memory

i call this photo an instant memory…
an impromptu moment, with mirror and camera close,
sun blaring through the window, a child that wants to move…
this is me and eliza at a milk and black olives birthday tea party.

thanks to so many for making this day a true celebration…i woke to gifts…new perfume, a new mirror, jumbo push pins (which i myself carried around the thrift store before putting down…only for my family to find them for me!), fancy chocolate, an amazing wooden piece made by my dad, burts bees treasures, greetings via email, yoga cards, cookies, oranges, handmade cards, phone calls, and hints of things to come…34 seems young until i remember my perception of it when i was 20…34 years and life is good…i am carried and settled and grateful.

it is a tradition of ours to bring out pictures
of the birthday person at different stages of life…
here i am with my oma in austria…
where she is today with my opa, folks and brother…
i got to talk to them as they stood on top of a mountain…
rich indeed.

7 thoughts on “instant memory

  1. It sounds like an absolutely beautiful birthday. I hope you were still basking in the love somewhere when I called and left a message!


  2. I love the picture of you and your Oma. Isn’t it an amazing thing to look into your own young eyes? What would you tell that little girl if you could? Happy Birthday, friend.


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