seeing orange

i went with the little kids to a huge root pile and found these treasures.

i kept trying to figure it out…
surely this can’t be natural…
maybe my sunglasses are altering the color…
maybe these were painted…
oh man, i think it’s the real thing…
i think these sticks are orange…

as orange as a pumpkin…

the wonder, mystery, beauty and creativity
of god is wider for me…again.


for the record: there was no editing of these photos…only the mid day sunshine.

5 thoughts on “seeing orange

  1. Okay, I swear, I saw a tree just yesterday with orange bark. Like a sycamore kind of. Not as tall, and different leaves, but with the same kind of peely bark. Only where there should be white, it was orange! What on earth?


  2. Ever since I read this post, I’ve been wondering, “Where is THE root pile?” Today, I took the “back roads” to work and had an a-ha moment–a near collision and an a-ha moment! I saw the swatches of bright orange poking out every once in a while.


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