traveling in my heart

as i write, my grandparents, parents and brother are on a plane
to my dad’s boyhood home of austria…
oh, the laughter and eating and drinking
and gazing and praying and wandering
and musing that will take place…
i am wishing them well,
wishing i was there,
and grateful that i know they miss me too….
this simply was not the time of life for it to happen.

this is me with my opa when i last visited them there.
i know these stories of austria have shaped our family…
shaped me…and will shape my own children.

travel well, dear, dear family. love as warm as this kansas sun is yours.

12 thoughts on “traveling in my heart

  1. My heart felt an achy squeeze when I read this. I didn’t know they were going. Perhaps you can just use this as an opportunity to dream and build excitement for the “someday” when you join them. Because someday you simply must go.


  2. Too bad you couldn’t go. What a great opportunity for many memories to be made.
    Didn’t know your dad was from Austria….Was he born there?


  3. Ever since I’d heard that they were going I’ve been wondering how you felt about not being there too. Sometimes life is so full that we can’t even fit in something as wonderful as a trip to Austria. Another time…


  4. You have no idea how often — continuously really — we wished you were with us. There are moments when we find ourselves looking at each other and we know that we’re both thinking about you being here. May it be so! SOME DAY!

    Opa and Oma (Omi & Opi) said this morning: Even if it’s ten years from now, we’ll be ready! Wouldn’t that be something???

    Know that we love you more than words can express.

    Love Mom & Dad,

    P.S. So sorry to hear about your camera. What are you gonna do? Does the old camera work for now?


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