bit by bit

there is a tiny red nook off the kitchen now
backpack hooks and a clock to come

step inside and you are surrounded…

but wow, the rest of the house projects
have stalled as tho they are finished…

5 thoughts on “bit by bit

  1. oh how well we know!! chris often laments that he would like to have a least ONE project completely done!! :) i call that the way we live “life continually interrupted” – there’s always something else!!


  2. Nook by nook!

    This reminds me of what I’ve often reflected on with regard to ourselves as people. “We are what we are yet becoming.” So, look at it this way: the unfinished is always finished — just not in an ultimate sort of way. Like someone claiming to be an artist, even though no painting yet exists. :-)

    Nook by nook!


  3. I read that Dr. Phil says the way to inner peace is to finish your unfinished things. I think there’s a an unfinished box of chocolate and half a bottle of wine in my kitchen… he may be on to something :-)

    We have such a hard time taking on house projects… if we want to change the floor, then, we really must paint first, but if we’re going to paint, then we really ought to do something about the cabinets, but then that would require taking a long look at the countertops… Oh heck, scrap it and bring on the chocolate and wine!

    Your corner looks lovely. The red is delish!


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