do you know christy?

this will be most
significant to those of you
who know christy.
enjoy this story:

last weekend we were hanging out at their place…
the kids were in and out of the house…
on and off the trampoline…
playing with the “pretend office” supplies
that so generously grace the living room…
we were dining and musing and laughing
when we hear kate call out:

uhhh, lizey is painting

(oh, that’s not good)

with permanent paints

(oh, that’s bad! hurry!)

on the wall


this is a home that is tidy
and neat and clean
but so welcoming to children
that they feel free to use the supplies within reach…
at least my child did.

so we ran to the living room
with white walls and white carpet

and yes, eliza had painted the walls.

you have never seen cleaning products come out so fast.
kevin pulls out a funky powder
as jerry yells for a magic eraser

magic eraser?

christy remembers getting one for free…a sample…but she didn’t know what it was for…

that night we taught the queen of clean
what a magic eraser can do.

ah, good times.

i would give a lot for a photo to remember this one by.

8 thoughts on “do you know christy?

  1. Oh that girl! She’s going to give you a run for your money, I think. Look on the bright side… thanks to that cherub, you’ll have blog fodder for ages and ages :-)


  2. I love magic erasers. They do work magic. But, don’t let your kids rub them all over their bodies. It can burn you! I learned by experience on that one…..


  3. I DO know Christy and what I wouldn’t give to have been there to see her face…and hear the words coming out of her mouth! I’m glad you all had a memorable experience over there. :)


  4. At my own defense… I didn’t freak out! In fact, it was a great learning opportunity. Thank you NE’s and magic eraser.


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