like god

in the late afternoon dig
of 4:00 til supper
we went to the front yard
(again inspired by life in the front yard)
with the hose

micah turned on the pump
and we began watering the driveway

just as a good flow was growing
eliza would come
and pluck the hose off the drive
micah would scream
naomi would retreat
and eliza would beam

tired, i said to micah:
just deal with it
it’s like the weather
it just happens
it’s like god

micah looks at me and says:
yeah, but she’s smiling

that’s like the god i trust

later i asked micah
if when eliza moved the hose
it ever turned out better

he said yes

right on

One thought on “like god

  1. Way to give them the power to work it out! I love taking the pressure off me and putting it back on the kids to figure out a solution.


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