prairie daze


i have been dreaming of this title for a while…
claiming the prairie…
claiming our days…
claiming the daze of life with young ones…
then my friend katie changed her blog name,
so i am going for it…
welcome to our world…
this prairie daze…

10 thoughts on “prairie daze

  1. I like the new look….I tell you, you bloggers are nothing but inspiration…. I fear it is like scrapbooking and I will have wished forever that I did it….but again I have blog-esteem issues that I need to deal with….

    Jen CD


  2. oh, you few who were watching as i played around…then missed the familiarity so i switched back…i guess i just posted on something like this…

    but karin, please call your blog krazy kansans.

    jen, start a blog tonight.


  3. I vote for krazy krafty kansans!

    Kristin, your blog IS such an inspiration. Thanks so much for sharing these glimpses of your world!

    Do it, Jen! Do it!


  4. nice name — like the double meaning of “daze.”

    Jen, I’ve been secretly waiting for your blog to show up. You know, you can always try a few times privately, and just make it public when you’re ready.


  5. I love the name! Anything with Prairie AND daze is perfect! Jen, gotta throw my 2 cents in for the blog! Even if it’s just pics of the kids! Do you realize I haven’t met ANY of them? I NEED PICTURES!


  6. Kristin – i just had to tell you that your life very rarely seems like a daze! You give me so much clarity and inspiration as i read through your daily experiences.


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