the usual

as i ate my usual:
peanut butter and honey
with a cup
of hot coffee
with cream,
i was reminded again
of how much
i like predictability

i have had little of this
for a few weeks
as we’ve waited
and worked to find
a preschool helper

i found her today
or she found me
or we found each other

and i will be graced
with the presence
of a teenager
in the preschool classroom
two mornings a week

5 thoughts on “the usual

  1. i can definitely relate to the comfort of ritual, however small it is. and speaking of ritual, i’m so glad to have your long list of inspiration. it’s one thing i love about blogging — travelling from one place to the next to the next…


  2. Do you know it used to wreck my whole morning if someone else was sitting in my spot on the bus. In college, mind you. :-) I’m a creature of habit, for sure. Enjoy that teenager!


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